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Furnace Repair in Cambridge, ON, And Surrounding Areas

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Is your furnace acting up, leaving you shivering in the cold? Worry no more. At Able Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, we specialize in providing top-notch furnace repair services in Cambridge, ON. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted name when it comes to HVAC solutions. Our family-owned business takes pride in delivering exceptional service to Cambridge residents, ensuring their comfort all year round.

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Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

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Is your furnace making strange noises, emitting unusual smells, or failing to heat your space effectively? These are all signs that your furnace may need repair. Here are some common malfunction signs to watch out for:

  • Frequent cycling on and off
  • Inconsistent heating throughout your home or office
  • Increased energy bills without a change in usage
  • Yellow or flickering burner flames instead of blue
  • Excessive dust or soot around the furnace
  • Unpleasant odors or strange sounds

If you notice any of these issues, address them promptly to avoid further damage and ensure the safety and efficiency of your heating system. Our skilled technicians have the expertise to diagnose and repair a wide range of furnace problems, restoring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Why Choose Able Air Conditioning & Heating Inc For Furnace Repair?

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With a solid reputation in the community, our company has garnered numerous 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp, a testament to the quality of our work and dedication to customer satisfaction. We believe in staying connected with our clients, so we regularly share HVAC updates, tips, and informative content on our YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Following us, you can stay informed about the latest industry trends, energy-saving tips, and maintenance recommendations.

We recognize that furnace breakdowns don’t always happen during business hours. Hence we offer 24/7 emergency service to ensure you’re never left in the cold. Our team of skilled technicians is always ready to tackle any furnace repair challenge, no matter the time of day. We understand the urgency and strive to provide prompt and efficient service to restore warmth and comfort to your home or business.

At Able Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, we believe in making our services accessible to all. We offer flexible financing options to help you manage the furnace repair or replacement cost. Our goal is to ensure you enjoy a cozy and efficient heating system without breaking the bank. Additionally, we run seasonal promotions to provide our valued customers with extra savings and incentives.

Enroll in Our Scheduled Maintenance Program to Avoid Untimely Breakdowns!

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With regular inspections, cleanings, and timely repairs, our program ensures the longevity and efficiency of your heating system. Enjoy priority service, improved energy efficiency and peace of mind knowing that our experienced technicians care for your furnace. Don’t let a breakdown leave you in the cold—invest in scheduled maintenance and keep your furnace running smoothly year-round. Contact us today to enroll and say goodbye to untimely surprises.

Contact Us for Reliable Furnace Repair in Cambridge, ON

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Don’t let a malfunctioning furnace leave you out in the cold. At Able Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, we are committed to providing exceptional furnace repair services in Cambridge, ON, and surrounding areas. Our professional and experienced team is here to address all your heating needs promptly and effectively. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment or to learn more about our comprehensive HVAC solutions. Stay warm and comfortable with Able Air Conditioning & Heating Inc!

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