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The Trane CleanEffects® Whole Home Air Cleaner uses revolutionary technology
to create a cleaner, healthier home environment.

Air Cleaners

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Air cleaners are an amazing way to remove dust and pollutants from your Kitchener, ON, home in a quick and efficient manner. Air cleaners generally require less maintenance than smaller filters. Due to their increased size, media air filters can be changed 3-4 times a year since there is more surface area to collect dust, as opposed to monthly changes with a traditional 1” filter.
You will save money on buying replacement filters and will notice an overall improvement in air quality due to the more efficient filtration. A Trane CleanEffects air filter is able to trap and neutralize 99.98% of airborne particles. It is a whole home filtration system that connects to your existing HVAC equipment, and eliminates the need for single room purifiers, reducing your overall exposure to allergens and harmful dust and viruses.
Ask Able Air about how a Trane Cleaneffects filter will make a great improvement to your home.


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Pre-Filter captures larger particles and extends the collection cell cleaning interval.
Power Door provides easy access for cleaning. The front panel displays power indicator and filter status lights. Safety interlocks power down the system if the door is opened while Clean Effects™ is on.
Painted Sheet Metal Cabinet with heavy 18-guage steel provides attractive and durable protection for electronics and filter components.
Reusable Collection Cells are precisely engineered to capture particles down to A micron, while still remaining easy to clean. Simply vacuum once or twice a year to make them like new.
Field Charger charges incoming particles so they adhere to the collection cells. This patented process is what allows CleanEffects to remove up to 99.98% of particles down to A micron that pass through it.

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